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Coaching Points

Below, you will find some coaching points.

Base Running Coaching Points Base Running
Bunting Coaching Points Bunting
Catching Coaching Points Catching
Fly Ball Coaching Points Fly Balls
Ground Ball Coaching Points Ground Balls
Batting Coaching Points Batting
Pitching Coaching Points Pitching
Throwing Coaching Points Throwing
Tennis Ball for Baseball Coaching

Tennis Balls are great training aids for young children. Catching a tennis ball is difficult with one hand, which forces the players to use both hands. It also teaches the players to involve the throwing hand early. Because tennis balls dont hurt, it  helps build player confidence. 

Parent/Player Meeting Topics


Your Baseball Coaching Philosophy

Goals for the baseball season.

When to arrive before baseball practice or games.

Playing time expectations

Can a parent approach the baseball coach to discuss playing time? (A lot of baseball coaches want the players themselves to talk to coach first)

Is there a 24 hour rule. The amount of time after a game that is required before a parent approaches a coach.

Coaches, parents, and teams conduct expectations during games and towards referees.

Team parent volunteers ?

Inherent dangers of the game (CYA).

Ask parents to notify baseball coach of any health changes in the athletes.

Question and answer period.