Coaching Tball

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Ways to Set the Batting Order

Lowest (1) to Highest (9)
Reverse Order
Even Numbers than Odd Numbers
Odd Number than Even Numbers

Generic Tball Rules

1. Teams will play games with six (6) innings; however do not start another inning after
45 minutes of starting time. Game equals six (6) innings or 50 minutes. All games
will stop at an even inning, not on a half inning but within the 50 minute time limit.
2. No scores or records will be kept.
3. One base on any overthrow.
4. Parents and Coaches should not touch the ball if fair or in play. If a coach or parent touches a batted ball, the ball is dead and the batter will return to bat again. All previous swings will count against the batter.
5. No metal cleats allowed.
6. No tobacco or alcohol products are allowed.
7. The tag-up rule is in effect.
8. The catcher must wear the proper equipment at all times during games (i.e. catchers’ mask, chest protector and shin guards).
9. Good sportsmanship should be displayed always by coaches, players, and spectators.
10. Judgment calls by the umpire cannot be disputed.
11. There is no infield fly rule.
12. A team shall consist of ten (10) players on the field. A minimum of eight (8) players is required for a team to play a game.
13. All players on a team must play in the field a minimum of three innings (half the
game). Free substitutions of defensive positions will be allowed. All substitutions must be rotated every other inning of defense.
14. Umpire is the official timekeeper.
All players are to play half of every game.
Base distance: Home to 1st and 3rd = 50 feet.
9” tball
1. When your team is batting, bat your first half of the order in the first inning then your second half in the second inning. (This will help keep the players more engaged during the game. Please have an assistant help with getting the player who is “on deck” ready, so to keep the game moving along).
2. Throwing the bat may result in the batter being called out at the umpire’s discretion and all runners that may have advanced will return to the original base.
3. Each batter will have five (5) swings to put the ball in play.
4. The umpire will adjust the tee to suit the batter.
5. If the ball is hit, it must travel at least five (5) feet for it to be considered fair.
6. Any ball that is hit into the infield and remaining in the infield will be a single. All
forced runners will move up one base only. Other runners will be allowed to advance one base at their own risk.
1. Players are not allowed to lead off or steal bases. They may leave the base only after the ball is hit.
2. If two runners are on the same base simultaneously, and either is tagged, the trailing runner will be called out.
3. If a runner passes another runner, they are automatically out.
4. Sliding is allowed at all bases but not encouraged.
5. Anytime the ball is thrown to the pitcher, a player may advance only to the base they are running for.